Dnc-X for MacOS is a Universal Binary App tested on MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) and PPC MacOS 10.2


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easyDnc for Mac OS

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If you're already using easyDnc then check for updates/maintenance releases here

Downloads on this page are ONLY for Mac OSX - Click here for easyDnc for MS Windows.

Download time for a 56kbps modem is appx 5 minutes. For DSL/broadband less than 1minute.


Just 3 easy steps to
download and install
easyDnc for iMac

Step 1 


The Dnc-X is available for free download in a compressed-zip package. Just download the zip to your desktop and extract Dnc-X

On iMac the file will usually extract onto your desktop - you can leave the file on your deskto or you might like to create a new DNC folder or copy it to your Applications folder.

Don't forget your free activation code (Step 2 below)



Step 2  Click the Key icon on the right to get your free activation code.. key icon

Step 3 

There's a user guide with diagrams for making up cables and instructions for using the software. It's not full of techno-babble so we most definately recommend you download this too so you get the best from MacDNC.

Diagrams in the user guide refer to the Windows version of easyDnc but the functionality is the same.

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